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​研究業績 - Journal publication - 

< 2022 >

Haruna SAKAMOTO, Daisuke AOKI, Shingo UEMURA, Masaoki TAKAGI. (2022).  Genetic parent-offspring relationships predict sexual differences in the contributions to parental care in the Tree Sparrow. Ornithological Science


Masaoki Takagi. (2022). Replacement of rectrices by wintering White Wagtails: an experiment to examine effects of sex, age, and body condition. Journal of Field Ornithology 93(3)


Masaoki Takagi. (2022). Sex and age‐class differences in feather mite loads in white wagtails Motacilla alba lugens suggest self‐regulation of feather mites by birds. Journal of Avian Biology 2022(7)


Nomano, F. Y., Matsui, S., Senda, M., Tsuchiya, Y., & Takagi, M. (2022). Random mating and the lack of sex-biased kin clustering in an island population of the bull-headed shrike, Lanius bucephalus. Ethology Ecology & Evolution, 1-15.


Murakami, R., Sawada, A., Ono, H., & Takagi, M. (2022). The effect of experience on parental role division in Ryukyu Scops Owl Otus elegans. Ornithological Science, 21(1), 35-44.


Sawada, Akira, Iwasaki, Tetsuya, Inoue, Chitose, Nakaoka, Kana, Nakanishi, Takumi, Sawada, Junpei, Aso, Narumi, Nagai, Shuya, Takagi, Masaoki. (2022).Estimation of condition dependent dispersal kernel with simple Bayesian regression analysis. Ornithological Science


< 2021 >

橋爪拓斗, 澤田 明, 白岩 颯, 金杉尚紀. (2021).南大東島でリュウキュウコノハズクの巣から得られたクロズマルコガシラハネカクシ. Pulex 100 885-886


Aoki, D., Iwami, Y., & Takagi, M. (2021). Formation of macro-and microrefugia explains morphological divergence of the Eurasian Jay Garrulus glandarius in the Japanese archipelago. Acta Ornithologica, 56(1), 15-28.


Sawada, A., Iwasaki, T., Inoue, C., Nakaoka, K., Nakanishi, T., Sawada, J., ... & Takagi, M. (2021). Missing piece of top predator-based conservation: Demographic analysis of an owl population on a remote subtropical island. Population Ecology, 63(3), 204-218.


Aoki, D., Sakamoto, H., Kitazawa, M., Kryukov, A. P., & Takagi, M. (2021). Migration‐tracking integrated phylogeography supports long‐distance dispersal‐driven divergence for a migratory bird species in the Japanese archipelago. Ecology and evolution, 11(11), 6066-6079.


Sawada, A., Akatani, K., & Takagi, M. (2021). Growth curves of Ryukyu Scops Owl nestlings, an owl species with asynchronous hatching and reversed sexual dimorphism. Ardea, 109(2), 1-13.


Sawada, A., Iwasaki, T., Matsuo, T., Akatani, K., & Takagi, M. (2021). Reversed sexual size dimorphism in the Ryukyu Scops Owl Otus elegans on Minami-daito Island. Ornithological Science, 20(1), 15-26.


< 2020 >

Sawada, A., Ando, H., & Takagi, M. (2020). Evaluating the existence and benefit of major histocompatibility complex‐based mate choice in an isolated owl population. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 33(6), 762-772.


Nishida, Y., & Takagi, M. (2020). Effects of habitat use on food acquisition and food caching during a nonbreeding season in a winter-breeding, food-storing passerine. Bird Study, 67(2), 181-189.


Takagi, M. (2020). Vocalizations of the Ryukyu Scops Owl Otus elegans: individually recognizable and stable. Bioacoustics, 29(1), 28-44.


< 2019 >

Uemura, S., Hamachi, A., Nakachi, K., & Takagi, M. (2019). First tracking of post-breeding migration of the Ruddy Kingfisher Halcyon coromanda by GPS data logger. Ornithological Science, 18(2), 215-219.


Akatani, K., & Takagi, M. (2019). Remigial and rectricial molt sequences in a captive Ryukyu Scops-Owl (Otus elegans). The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, 131(4), 828-833.


植村慎吾, 仲地邦博, 浜地歩, & 高木昌興. (2019). 沖縄県池間島におけるアカノドカルガモ Anas luzonica の観察記録. 日本鳥学会誌, 68(2), 379-381.


Nishida, Y., & Takagi, M. (2019). Male bull-headed shrikes use food caches to improve their condition-dependent song performance and pairing success. Animal Behaviour, 152, 29-37.


Sawada, A., Iwasaki, T., & Takagi, M. (2019). Fine‐scale spatial genetic structure in the Minami‐daito Island population of the Ryukyu scops owl Otus elegans. Journal of Zoology, 307(3), 159-166.


Kana AKATANI, Masaoki TAKAGI(2019) The onset of breeding behaviours in a captive male Ryukyu Scops Owl.  Journal of the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology 50(2) 125-128


< 2018 >

Nishida, Y., & Takagi, M. (2018). Song performance is a condition‐dependent dynamic trait honestly indicating the quality of paternal care in the bull‐headed shrike. Journal of Avian Biology, 49(10), e01794.


Sawada, J., & Takagi, M. (2018). Nest and roost characteristics of the Ruddy-breasted Crake Porzana fusca on Minami-daito Island. Ornithological science, 17(1), 109-112.


Sawada, A., Yamasaki, T., Iwami, Y., & Takagi, M. (2018). Distinctive features of the skull of the Ryukyu Scops Owl from Minami-daito Island, revealed by computed tomography scanning. Ornithological science, 17(1), 45-54.


< 2017 >

Matsui, S., & Takagi, M. (2017). Habitat selection by the Bull-headed Shrike Lanius bucephalus on the Daito Islands at the southwestern limit of its breeding range. Ornithological Science, 16(1), 79-86.


浜地歩, 植村慎吾, 仲地邦博, & 高木昌興. (2017). 宮古諸島におけるカッコウ科鳥類 2 種の観察記録. Bird Research, 13, S27-S33.

​研究業績 - Award - 


奨励賞 果樹園で繁殖する絶滅に瀕する渡り⿃の個体数減少に⽣活史戦略が与える影響 日本生態学会北海道地区会

⾚松あかり, ⻘⽊⼤輔, 松宮裕秋, 原星⼀, 古巻翔平, 髙⽊昌興



ポスター賞最優秀(行動) 体サイズに関する同類交配は積極的な配偶者選びの結果か:長期研究データによる検証 第68回日本生態学会

澤田 明, 岩崎 哲也, 高木 昌興



ポスター賞 餌資源の豊富ななわばりで冬を越せた個体は、その後の繁殖が上手くいくのか? 日本鳥学会

西田有佑, 高木昌興



ポスター賞優秀賞 分散距離の性差が先か?近親交配の回避が先か? 個体群生態学会

澤田明, 小野遥, 高木昌興



第3回フォーラム学生ポスター最優秀賞 オシドリ奥様のご近所づきあい 種内托卵に根差した生活史研究 石狩川流域湿地・水辺・海岸ネットワーク

坂本春菜, 青木大輔, 新田啓子, 高木昌興



ポスター賞優秀賞 感覚便乗による鳥の声の地理的変異は交配前隔離の機構としてはたらく 日本生態学会

植村慎吾, 高木昌興



英語口頭発表Best Award Light-level geolocators and phylogeography reveal the evolutionary uniqueness of the Japanese-endemic migratory bird subspecies 日本生態学会

Daisuke AOKI・Haruna SAKAMOTO・Hiroaki MATSUMIYA・Munehiro KITAZAWA, Masaoki TAKAGI



ポスター賞優秀賞 Genetic data of an extinct population can offer insights into processes that a natural population successfully colonize a previously uninhabited area 個体群生態学会

Daisuke AOKI, Shin MATSUI, Junko NAGATA, Mariko SENDA, Fumiaki NOMANO, Masaoki Takagi



ポスター賞 絶滅した自然集団DNA から生物が新しい集団形成を可能にする条件を探る 日本鳥学会

青木大輔, 松井晋, 永田純子, 千田万里子, 野間野史明, 髙木昌興



ポスター賞最優秀賞 オスの貯食行動は性選択によって進化した?―モズは「はやにえ」を食べてメスの誘引に重要なさえずりの質を高める― 日本生態学会

西田有佑, 高木昌興

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